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Date: 2/12/2024

IOP Science: The Outflow of The Protostar in B335. I.

Paper abstract: The isolated globule B335 contains a single, low-luminosity Class 0 protostar associated with a bipolar nebula and outflow system seen nearly perpendicular to its axis. We observed the innermost regions of this outflow as part of JWST/NIRCam Guaranteed Time Observations program 1187, primarily intended for wide-field slitless spectroscopy of background stars behind the globule. We find a system of expanding shock fronts with kinematic ages of only a few decades emerging symmetrically from the position of the embedded protostar, which is not directly detected at NIRCam wavelengths. The innermost and youngest of the shock fronts studied here shows strong emission from CO. The next older shock front shows less CO and the third shock front shows only H2 emission in our data. This third and most distant of these inner shock fronts shows substantial evolution of its shape since it was last observed with high spatial resolution in 1996 with Keck/NIRC. This may be evidence of a faster internal shock catching up with a slower one and of the two shocks merging.