James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 3/31/2024

Hot Topic: Zwicky 18
(originally posted on the feed on March 26)

I Zwicky 18 is a blue, compact, dwarf galaxy located ~59 million light years away from us. It was observed by JWST using both MIRI and NIRCam back in October 2022, but due to an exclusive period of 12 months, the data became public on October 2023. This galaxy has gone through several sudden bursts of star formation. This galaxy is typical of the kinds of galaxies that inhabited the early Universe and it is classified as a dwarf irregular galaxy (much smaller than our Milky Way). This isn't the first Zwicky object that gets to be ESA/Webb Picture Of The Month. They also choose Zwicky II 96 to be the one for November 2022, under the name "Galactic Get-Together"