James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 4/2/2024

Target Name: SN2014bi Title: Building A Modern Sample of Dusty Supernovae with JWST Instrument: MIRI/IMAGE Filters: F2100W Start Time: 4/2/2024 5:06:51 PM Obs Time: 88.801(s) Proposal ID: 3921

Raw James Webb Space Telescope image. Additional Information: Observation Type: science Mission: JWST Provenance Name: CALJWST Project: JWST Waveband: Infrared Target Classification: Star; Supernovae Observation ID: jw03921-o012_t013_miri_f2100w RA: 181.5125 Dec: 47.4926388888889 Product Type: image Principal Investigator: Fox, Ori Dosovitz Calibration Level: 3 Start Time: 4/2/2024 5:06:51 PM End Time: 4/2/2024 5:08:20 PM Min Wavelength: 18500 Max Wavelength: 23500 Release Date: 4/2/2024 10:05:08 PM Proposal Type: SURVEY Sequence Number: -999 S_Region: POLYGON 181.526648691 47.508136495 181.530816712 47.476868952 181.484103704 47.474016396 181.479908091 47.50528224 Data Rights: PUBLIC Moving Target: False Number of Catalog Objects(srcDen): NaN Product Group ID: 213031341 Object ID: 405546454