James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 6/12/2024

Target Name: DENIS_J081730.0-615520 Title: An R~100 MIRI 5-14 micron Spectral Library for Brown Dwarf and Exoplanetary Science Instrument: MIRI/SLIT Filters: P750L Start Time: 3/12/2024 1:54:24 AM Obs Time: 1548.472(s) Proposal ID: 3930

Raw James Webb Space Telescope image. Additional Information: Observation Type: science Mission: JWST Provenance Name: CALJWST Project: JWST Waveband: Infrared Target Classification: Star; T dwarfs Observation ID: jw03930-o329_t125_miri_p750l RA: 124.372789666325 Dec: -61.9136728118359 Product Type: spectrum Principal Investigator: Metchev, Stanimir A. Calibration Level: 3 Start Time: 3/12/2024 1:54:24 AM End Time: 3/12/2024 2:30:29 AM Min Wavelength: 5000 Max Wavelength: 10000 Release Date: 6/12/2024 6:42:52 AM Proposal Type: SURVEY Sequence Number: -999 S_Region: POLYGON 124.371464451 -61.912703183 124.373801534 -61.912703183 124.373801534 -61.914257387 124.371464451 -61.914257387 Data Rights: EXCLUSIVE_ACCESS Moving Target: False Number of Catalog Objects(srcDen): NaN Product Group ID: 212685786 Object ID: 409759832