James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 6/12/2024

Harvard ADS: The Manhattan Suite: Accelerated galaxy evolution in the early Universe

Paper abstract: Observational advances have allowed the detection of galaxies, protoclusters, and galaxy clusters at higher and higher redshifts, opening a new view into extreme galaxy evolution. I present an argument that the high redshift, massive galaxies discovered over the last decade are really the most massive galaxies within protocluster-cores of galaxy clusters at z~2, and that they are the partial descendants of same galaxies discovered by JWST at z~9. To that end, I present \textit{The Manhattan Suite}, a set of 100 high resolution zoom-in simulations of the most massive galaxy clusters, out to 9\,R_\mathrm{vir}, selected at z = 2 from a (1.5\,\mathrm{cGpc})^3 parent volume, and simulated using the \textit{Simba} model. Unlike other cluster suites, my selection at z = 2 ensures that these systems are biased in a similar fashion to observations, in that they should be the brightest and the most massive by construction at z \gtrsim 2. I show that my sample is able to reproduce extremely star-bursting protoclusters such as SPT2349-56, high redshift galaxy clusters XLSSC122 and JKCS0249, and the wealth of massive (sometimes quenched) galaxies at z \gtrsim 3 and up to z ~ 9. I argue that these systems are intimately linked, and represent the same evolutionary history.