James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 6/14/2024

Harvard ADS: The CUISINES Framework for Conducting Exoplanet Model Intercomparison Projects, Version 1.0

Paper abstract: As JWST begins to return observations, it is more important than ever that exoplanet climate models can consistently and correctly predict the observability of exoplanets, retrieval of their data, and interpretation of planetary environments from that data. Model intercomparisons play a crucial role in this context, especially now when few data are available to validate model predictions. The CUISINES Working Group of NASA's Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) supports a systematic approach to evaluating the performance of exoplanet models, and provides here a framework for conducting community-organized exoplanet Model Intercomparison Projects (exoMIPs). The CUISINES framework adapts Earth climate community practices specifically for the needs of exoplanet researchers, encompassing a range of model types, planetary targets, and parameter space studies. It is intended to help researchers to work collectively, equitably, and openly toward common goals. The CUISINES framework rests on five principles: 1) Define in advance what research question(s) the exoMIP is intended to address. 2) Create an experimental design that maximizes community participation, and advertise it widely. 3) Plan a project timeline that allows all exoMIP members to participate fully. 4) Generate data products from model output for direct comparison to observations. 5) Create a data management plan that is workable in the present and scalable for the future. Within the first years of its existence, CUISINES is already providing logistical support to 10 exoMIPs, and will continue to host annual workshops for further community feedback and presentation of new exoMIP ideas.