James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 6/14/2024

Target Name: ACQ-STAR Title: The twin paradox: assessing planetary radius evolution with a CH4 thermometer Instrument: NIRISS/SOSS Filters: CLEAR;GR700XD Start Time: 6/14/2023 3:49:28 AM Obs Time: 0.864(s) Proposal ID: 2594

Raw James Webb Space Telescope image. Additional Information: Observation Type: science Mission: JWST Provenance Name: CALJWST Project: JWST Waveband: INFRARED Target Classification: Star; Exoplanet Systems Observation ID: jw02594002001_02101_00002-seg001_nis RA: 339.02523375 Dec: -16.9984694444444 Product Type: image Principal Investigator: Spake, Jessica Calibration Level: 2 Start Time: 6/14/2023 3:49:28 AM End Time: 6/14/2023 3:49:29 AM Min Wavelength: 600 Max Wavelength: 2800 Release Date: 6/14/2024 7:05:44 PM Proposal Type: GO Sequence Number: -999 S_Region: POLYGON 339.026014757 -16.998899894 339.024859723 -16.999283599 339.024457801 -16.99818904 339.025612922 -16.997805289 Data Rights: EXCLUSIVE_ACCESS Moving Target: False Number of Catalog Objects(srcDen): NaN Product Group ID: 145575747 Object ID: 447366620