James Webb Space Telescope Feed Post

Date: 7/10/2024

Harvard ADS: NEMESISPY: A Python package for simulating and retrieving exoplanetary spectra

Paper abstract: NEMESISPY is a Python package developed to perform parametric atmospheric modelling and radiative transfer calculation for the retrievals of exoplanetary spectra. It is a recent development of the well-established Fortran NEMESIS library (P. G. J. Irwin et al., 2008), which has been applied to the atmospheric retrievals of both solar system planets and exoplanets employing numerous different observing geometries. NEMESISPY can be easily interfaced with Bayesian inference algorithms to retrieve atmospheric properties from spectroscopic observations. Recently, NEMESISPY has been applied to the retrievals of Hubble and Spitzer data of a hot Jupiter (Yang et al., 2023), as well as to JWST/Mid-Infrared Instrument (JWST/MIRI) data of a hot Jupiter (Yang et al., 2024).